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I have been in the design and planning mode for the pass 6 years to start my new and final and most detailed layout ever. The room is basically 12' x 31' with a additional 2 1/2' deep closet that the outer loop will travel though. I have been buying locomotives, engines, rolling stock accessories scenery and track for a long time. I will power and control my layout with MTH Z4000's and DCS system, Ross track and switches. I run only 1/48 scale MTH premier and some Atlas rolling stock. Most of the items in my museum at this time are like they come from the factory, but I will be update the pictures as I detail and weather the products as they go on the layout. I hope you enjoy what you see as this layout get underway.

Museum Items


Country Church MTH 30-9057


Mobile Home MTH 30-90109


Ford Mustang Yellow


L&N RR, 2-8-2 USRA Light Mikado Steam Engine MTH 20-3184-1


SR, E-6 ABA Diesel Engine set MTH 20-2327-1


CSX Coke Hopper Set MTH 20-97034


Westinghouse Schnabel Flatcar MTH 20-98232


UP Articulated Covered Auto Carrier Atlas #6292-4


NS Articulated Covered Auto Carrier Atlas #6293-4


NS Articulated Covered Auto Carrier Atlas #6293-1


TC 1948 Ford Pickup