Exhibit the cherished items you've collected in your own one-of-a-kind museum.

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Meet Our Team

David Graves
Life Long Collector.
Austin Graves
Application Tester
I help with the Technical Side of My Museum.

About Us

As a collector, the thrill of the hunt is always incredible, and when you find that rare or hard-to-find addition to your collection, you want to share it. Over time, we end up assembling a significant collection that we are proud of and want to share with other collectors with the same interest. That is where the issues start. To share my collection, unless I am a museum open to the public, I have to open my house or where I store and display my collection to the visitors, which is not the safest or most secure situation in the world. This is why I created My Museum, so we can share our collections with the world without the world knowing who I am or where I live. This will grow into an online community of like-minded collectors that share their collections, information, knowledge, and research safely and securely. We started My Museum because of my Toy Trains and Railroad Memorabilia collection because that is where my knowledge is. But My Museum is for all collectors. We have already added "signs" and will continue to add more museum categories very soon, such as Coins, War, Civil War, Guns, Knives, Books, Dolls, Toys, Petroliana, Automobiles, and many more.

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